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Jul 08, 2023

Shopping for gifts and can't think of what to get? Look no further; Square Enix is releasing six Final Fantasy music boxes featuring the iconic music themes from VIII, IX, X, XIII, and XV. Pre-orders are now up at the official North America store for $21.99 USD per box and are expected to release in August 2023. Have a look at the box art while browsing the store links listed below:

In case you’re not aware, "Love Grows" is also known as "Eyes on Me" by Faye Wong, which is VIII‘s ending theme song. Given this wide selection available, I’m picking up XIII‘s "The Promise" for myself since it's one of my favorite soundtracks in the FF series. Our very own game music guru, Patrick Gann, shared his thoughts and impressions with his music review of the XIII OST. If you wish to listen to more of its tracks, the trilogy soundtrack was also discussed in Rhythm Encounter Episode 82.