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Best Pokémon Tins (updated 2023)

Jan 20, 2024

What's the best way to store and display your cards? Discover the best Pokemon tins on the market to make your deck even better.

Whether you grew up during the emergence of the original trading card game, loved the animated series, or discovered the franchise in recent years through the Pokémon Go craze, the Pokémon trading card game is amazing fun for all ages. Getting to build your collection, adding and modifying your choices until you arrive at your first, tournament ready deck is one of the most exciting endeavors for a novice trainer.

Thrilling both to play in tournaments and build your personal collection, Pokémon tins and boxes are popular with all enthusiasts. Useful for storage and display, these amazing sets also come with a fantastic selection of cards and exciting extras such as collectible, metallic coins, code cards for the online trading card game, and even sticker sheets if you're really lucky! With so many on the market, it can be hard to find the choice that is right for you to add to your collection. If you’re looking to buy the best Pokémon VSTAR Universe cards or the best of the Shining fates Card Series, there is almost always a tin collection to go with it, so why not treat yourself and take a look through the best Pokémon card tins available online.

If you’re looking for an exciting Pokémon extension with both useful cards and collectible items, then you need look no further than the Pokémon 2021 Eevee Collector Chest. This collectible chest, which is perfect for both organized storage and display, contains five packs of booster cards and three foil cards to bolster your collection and reinvigorate your current deck for more exciting gameplay.

One of the best features of this set is that it includes additional items alongside the cards that you won't be able to find anywhere else. For example, the chest comes with a matching notebook to keep track of all your games and new playing strategies, as well as collectible stickers (which are perfect for younger players. A brilliant addition to this set is that it comes with a display portfolio for your new cards that fit right into your new chest, ensuring your exciting new cards are going to be kept in pristine condition the moment you open the packaging.

Of the five booster packs included, you will receive a mix of booster collections such as Rebel Clash, Chilling Reign, and Cosmic Eclipse. This is a major plus point of this set as instead of sticking rigidly to one collection, as many other Pokémon tins do, you will find a broad mix of cards that will come as a welcome surprise to your new and improved deck.

If you are serious about improving your deck, and you want to maximize your playing power as quickly as possible, then the Pokémon Brilliant Stars Booster Box and Elite Trainer combo is going to be the best choice for you. Combining everything you love from a premium booster pack with all the features of a trainer's toolkit, this is a Pokémon tin that covers every angle of gameplay.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the combo pack is simply the sheer volume of cards you get included. The booster box contains over 170 cards, including new Pokémon V-Star's and Special energy cards, but if that wasn't enough, the Elite Trainer box contains a further eight booster card packs from the Sword and Shield collection.

The Elite Trainer box is where this set truly comes alive as it is ready to recharge your deck with 45 energy cards, instantly boosting your attack power in tournaments. The set is complete with a flip coin die and six damage counter dice which will allow you to set up your own games at home for friendly matches with fellow enthusiasts.

One selling point for this set is specifically for the collectors, as the kit comes in its own, unique storage box with Arceus artwork, four dividers to separate out your different card types, and 65 matching card sleeves for added protection for all your favorites. If you’re after a well-rounded, beautifully presented kit, then this premium pick is going to be the choice for you.

Back in 2016, the Pokémon Go craze hit the scene with everyone who is anyone downloading the fun, interactive game to their devices for a summer of exploration. While the game differs from the traditional trading card game, it did help Pokémon to reach a whole new audience, and in turn, inspire a set of five, mini tins that combine the classic game with the much-loved graphics of Pokémon Go.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Snorlax Mini Tin is a brilliant, smaller kit, which includes two booster packs (totaling 20 new cards), an art card, a metallic coin, and, of course, a gorgeous tin to both store your cards and take them on the go when meeting up with friends and fellow enthusiasts. The series of tins also include Magikarp, Blissey, Pikachu, and Eevee; all classic Pokémon characters that are instantly recognizable to both newcomers and nostalgic, long time players.

The Pokémon Go Mini Tins also make fantastic gifts for those in your life who play or collect Pokémon cards because, while they are smaller than other extension packs, what you get for your money sets these tins a cut above the rest.

The Pokémon Hidden Fates cards are a special extension of the Sun and Moon series and were originally released in Japan under the name GX Ultra Shiny as part of the Super Burst impact expansion. The Charizard Hidden Fates contains a total of 45 cards all related to this expansion with a focus on Charizard and other Dragon-like Pokémon.

As one of the most recognizable Pokémon in the canon, even to novices, Charizard is the final evolution of the beloved Charmander and thus make them an excellent choice for this collector's tin. The Pokémon tins are designed to fit the specific dimensions of your Pokémon cards and can be used to store your current deck, spare cards, or be used for display purposes with your other memorabilia.

If you want to take your card game to the next level, a big bonus feature of the Hidden Fates Charizard Tin is that it comes with a special code card that will let you unlock an online deck of 60 cards. This is incredibly useful if you want to hone your trading card skills online or on the go while you don't have your physical deck to hand.

The only drawback of this brilliant set is that is it comes with a smaller number of cards than other packs featured, however, this purchase is definitely for someone who values quality over quantity and enjoys the classic Pokémon creatures.

If you love collecting all the different Pokémon tins but are after something truly unique, then the Pokéball Tin Series 8 will be the perfect choice for you. As the name suggests, the tin that comes with this set is in the shape of a classic Pokéball and comes in a variety of random designs, giving you added excitement as you not only anticipate what cards you will draw but what tin you will be able to add to your collection. Additionally, the tin comes with a collectible coin which can be put on display and is the perfect addition to any collector's cabinet.

The tin contains three booster packs from different collections which will include series such as Chilling Reign, Evolving Skies, or Fusion Strike. This broad selection of booster packs will make sure that duplicate pulls are few and far between. The only card that you will not find in this set is the code card needed to get on to the online trading card game. While this can be a pain for those who enjoy the online game, this set still comes with all you will need to enjoy the in-person tournaments.

One the hardest parts of the Pokémon trading card game is knowing where to start where it comes to deck building, so a set such as the Pokémon Gardevoir V Battle Deck is ideal for those just starting out. While you can slowly accumulate cards over time to build your first deck, this can be a lengthy process that prevents you from getting down to the fun of actually playing, so investing in a premade deck that you can modify from then on is often the most popular option for novices.

This set comes with a 60-card battle set that has a good mixture of trainer, energy, and creature cards to get you started. Additionally, this set offers a lot of help to newcomers by including not only a rulebook and reference cards, but also a step-by-step guide to strategy. Once you’ve read through these, you can then use your single player playmat to have a go at playing out these tactics for real to get your mind sharp before facing your first real opponent.

While this pack does come with a stylish deck box, it is worth noting that this is cardboard item and not made of tin. That being said, when kept in the proper conditions this box will last you a long time for the basic storage of your deck and the compensation you get via the extras included make it all the more worth it.

If you are buying cards as a collector rather than a player, then you’ll be pleased to know that this set contains a special Gardevior promotional card as well as a matching metallic coin in a gorgeous deep purple that will look stunning in your display case.

The Pokémon TCG Trainers Toolkit Box is the perfect choice for someone who is either starting out their Pokémon tournament journey or wants to take their first step into playing competitively, be it with friends or in official competitions. The Trainers Toolkit is an investment piece without the hefty price tag as it includes a broad range of cards that can be combined with your pre-existing collection to curate a powerful playing deck.

Included within the toolkit is a ‘How to build your deck’ guidebook that will allow players who are new to the Pokémon card game to quickly get a hold of the essential components. For example, understanding how your new energy cards are your biggest asset in mounting an attack, how they attach to the Pokémon you play it with for the rest of the game, and the differences between paralyze, poison, or inflict damage, is what is going to really set you a cut above the competition.

While the toolkit comes with a wide selection of cards, it's important to note that this is not a deck starter kit, and is best purchased as a second or third addition to whatever Pokémon cards you have currently collected, making it best suited for a newcomer rather than a complete novice.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon Trading Card game, one of the special releases was the Pokèmon Celebrations Tin with Sylveon V artwork. This newly developed set of cards can only be pulled from one of the celebration sets, such as this one, which means you are guaranteed exciting pulls and cards you’ve never seen before.

As a collector, this set will be of particular interest to you not only because of the unique cards released, but also because of the tin. For many enthusiasts, the tin is just as exciting as new cards, so adding the brand new Sylveon artwork to your display cabinet, the final evolution of the classic Pokémon Eevee, will stick out for all the right reasons.

The only downside of this set is that the four booster packs specific to the 25th anniversary collection only contain four cards per pack as opposed to the standard ten. Of course, while there are fewer included, this is because the ones that are included are rare, exclusive cards, so the trade-off is worth it. Additionally, the tin does come with two extra booster packs with the standard 10 pulls in each, totaling 36 cards all together.

The Pokémon Sword and Shield Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box is a fantastic all-rounder set that comes with a wide variety of card types, six damage counter dice, and a competition legal flip coin all presented in a gorgeous display box that will fit right in to your current collection.

While this is not a beginner set, this Elite Trainer box is perfect for those who have only put together one or two decks so far and want to improve their gameplay. The set comes with eight booster card pack and a total of 45 energy cards which, when dealt into your current deck, will make you an infinitely stronger player in the tournaments. Additionally, this kit has a trading card game rule book included which will act as a fantastic reference point for you as you familiarize yourself with the nuances of the game. As if this wasn't enough, the toolkit also comes with a specific player's guide to the Sword & Shield Astral Radiance expansion so that you are able to get the most out of the cards you’ve just purchased.

One small drawback to this set is that there are no guaranteed rare cards promised, but this isn't something that should put you off right away as many reviewers have pulled as many as five rare cards from their toolkits. As with almost all Pokémon card sets, it is a game of chance as to which you’ll get.

Overall, this set is a perfect choice for someone who wants to instantly enhance their deck and knowledge of the trading card game.

Adorable Pikachu adorns this Pokemon Go tin, which contains a treasure trove of goodies. Inside you'll find a Pikachu foil promo card, which, when played, can help you search for an item card within your deck. Along with a second foil card featuring Pikachu, Snorlax or Blissey, you'll also find four booster packs containing 10 game cards each, plus a sheet of stickers perfect for decorating your deck box, binder, or anything else. Finally, there's a also a code card that will give you access to Pokemon TCG Live.

The octagonal-shaped tin has a color scheme of blue and green, with Pikachu featured on the front and a window revealing the foil card. This Pokemon tin makes a great addition to any Pokemon collection, especially if the little yellow creature is your favorite Pokemon character!

Since its inception over 26 years ago, the Pokémon trading card game has gained an international following of skilled players and eclectic collectors, and it is easy for us to see why. An ever-evolving game with ever-evolving Pokémon, the thrill of new cards as well as the excitement of getting your hands on an old classic, and the nostalgia of the animated series and films; there really is something for everyone.

Perhaps the biggest collectible items after the cards themselves are the Pokémon tins and boxes. Brilliant for storage, display, and organization, these tins come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and themes.

If you’re new to the world of Pokémon, then you would be forgiven for thinking that the Pokémon tins are all pretty much the same. In actuality, the Pokémon tins can be split into four different categories which are: regular, mini, Pokeball, and collector's chest.

The regular tins are, as the name suggests, the most common of these four subsets. They measure in at 15.2 x 11.6 x 7.5 cm, which will give your cards some breathing room and the depth to carry an entire deck on the go.

The mini tins will also fit the standard card size, but with tighter dimensions making these the perfect choice for younger players or those who want to take a reduced-sized deck on the go.

One of the more exciting, if indeed less practical, tin options is the Pokéball tin. These tins are designed more for display than for transportation but do of course look fantastic sitting next to you on the tournament table. Featuring the classic Pokéball designs you love from the series, these are a real treat for collectors.

Finally, the Pokémon collector tin chest is a bigger ticket item that often holds a premium price tag for both the size of the tin and the sheer number of cards included. These tins, in comparison to the others on offer, are capable of holding several decks worth of cards and are great for more serious players who are traveling further afield for their tournaments.

With every Pokémon tin you buy, you will get a varied selection of booster packs, but what are these packs, and why do you need them?

Booster packs are what Pokémon players use to improve their current playing decks and develop new ones. Essentially, by adding to your collection of current Pokémon cards, you increase the number of different combinations you can play during battles, making you an altogether stronger player.

Each standard booster pack will contain a total of 10 cards comprised of six common cards, three uncommon cards, and one rare card. Of these 10, there will be one foil card per booster pack, and out of these ten, you have the chance to come across some amazing finds that will make you the envy of Pokémon fans everywhere. Some special booster packs, such as the 25th-anniversary series, will contain 4 rather than 10 cards because they are extra special or rare, but this should always be listed in the product description before you buy.

The joy of getting Pokémon booster pack really lies in the fact that you never know what you’re going to get. While this can mean you acquire the odd duplicate card, half the fun is getting to sit down with your friends and trade with their own collections to become the ultimate Pokémon trainer.

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