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Sep 04, 2023

Mars Wrigley had announced that it would be removing Bounty chocolate treats from its Celebration tubs for an exclusive run in the build-up to Christmas

Yesterday, Celebrations confirmed the shocking news that its chocolate variety boxes would no longer contain the miniature Bounty bars.

From November 8 until mid-December, the coconut-flavoured chocolate will be left out of some Celebrations boxes - news that was greeted warmly by some customers.

The company, Mars Wrigley's, decision followed a survey that found 39 per cent of Brits supported removing the Bounty and almost one-in-five Brits would feel disappointed to open a Celebrations box and find just Bounty left.

The Bounty-less boxes will only be available at select locations until December 18 during the trial.

However, recent research has suggested that the Bounty bar is not actually the nation's least favourite Celebration chocolate.

Britsuperstore analysed over five million internet search results to try and delve into the thinking of the British public, and which chocolates they like and dislike from the Celebrations tub.

The study made the shocking discovery that the Bounty might not be the nation's least favourite chocolate.

Instead, the Milky Way, which received fewer than 8,000 searches over the past five Christmases, came out bottom.

This compared to the crowned winner, Maltesters, which received over 170,000 searches over that period.

The results also indicate that, last Christmas, Galaxy was the most enjoyed chocolate of the tub. It was searched for more than 100,000 times.

Richard Price, director of Britsuperstore, said: "It's no surprise that Malteasers has taken the top and been crowned the nation's favourite as it's something the whole family can enjoy.

"However, getting rid of Bounty can be quite a controversial decision as the searches do speak for themselves that the public still enjoys them at Christmas so this is a brave step for Mars."

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