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Sep 28, 2023


From personalized keepsakes to traditional tin boxes.

When it comes to buying anniversary gifts, the pressure to find the perfect one can intensify. And for bigger milestones — like a 10-year anniversary — choosing a s a significant gift that both falls within your budget and isn't too "overdone" can be tricky. While traditional and functional presents are always appreciated, it's never a bad idea to think outside the box and cater your gift specifically to your partner.

Sure, you know you want to honor an accomplishment like a 10-year anniversary in a meaningful and thoughtful way — but how can you narrow down your gift options when there are so many out there? According to Emily Forrest, the director of communications at Zola, using tradition as inspiration can help lead you to just the right choice for your budget and recipient. Gifts made of tin or aluminum are the traditional option for a 10-year anniversary, and can be a great way to honor tradition while providing "a great vessel to contain special memories," Forrest says. For example, you could get your partner a tin jewelry box or tin keepsake container.

Outside of the traditional options, Forrest also recommends thinking about gifting experiences or gifts that have local or personal significance — like a memento of a special trip, or reminder of a major memory in the relationship. To start, here are 24 10-year anniversary gift ideas under $100, including photo, keepsake, and self-care gift ideas.

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Reaching 10 years together is a big accomplishment, so a unique keepsake gift is always a great option. This hand-casting kit, which uses gel molding to display intricate details, is one way to represent your special bond.

Top Review: "Literally the best thing I ever purchased from Amazon, definitely worth the price 🔥."

Since tin is the most traditional gift for a 10-year anniversary, this beautiful pure-cast tin rose is a sweet reminder of the celebration. The rose comes in a tin container, and the stem is flexible so you can display it however you’d like.

Top Review: "I get my wife one of these every five years (so she has 2) and they are like her favorite thing in the world. ... Worth it for the happiness it brought my wife."

For a gift that both you and your partner can enjoy, these personalized penny keychains are a great choice. They’re hand-stamped with your wedding date and three characters, and come handmade from a small business.

Top Review: "Perfect 7 year wedding anniversary gift! We love doing the traditional gifts and this year was copper. They may be just pennies, but with our initials and the heart outlined year… it's just really special. As the saying goes, big things come in small packages!! The stamping is professional and has not worn off after several months on two different sets of keys. Highly recommend, especially for the price and the fact that you get a matching one for you and your partner!"

Another traditional option, this vintage-inspired metal keepsake box holds small trinkets, jewelry, or other mementos of the 10 years you’ve spent together. The inside is made of velvet for a more luxurious feel and look.

Top Review: "Great little box for rings and small jewelry — has a soft inner lining. Would purchase again if I needed to safely store more!"

For Pixar fans, this Up-inspired scrapbook is an easy way to share meaningful memories with your partner. It measures 11.6 by 7.5 inches, and each page is made of a blank, thick craft paper to hold plenty of memories in pictures, ticket stubs, etc.

Top Review: "Gave this as a novelty gift at a wedding shower. Everyone liked it. The pages are blank therefore all the entries will have to be original ideas."

This customizable star map comes on premium luster paper, and you can choose from three font and size options, as well as any date, title, and location. It displays the location's coordinates and the constellation that was in the sky on the date you select.

Top Review: "I bought this for my husband as an anniversary gift. When putting in the location during personalization, I was worried they wouldn't find my small town so I included the latitude longitude coordinates for them to go off of. My prints arrived quickly and in great quality; and yes, I said prints with an s, as in multiple. I had only ordered one but the latitude and longitude coordinates I provided had more digits than what they normally include on the print, so they made two prints, one with their usual amount of digits and one how I had entered them. It also came with a handwritten note explaining why there was an additional print included in my order. Not only was that incredibly kind to consider that I may have included specific coordinates for a personal reason, but to gift an extra print with a handwritten note is the generous, personal, customer service that will keep me coming back and have me referring friends to."

Multi-use household items make a great gift option, especially when they come personalized like this monogrammed and dated cutting board. The cutting board is made of either walnut or maple wood and with a food-safe oil for preservation of the quality.

Top Review: "This was a beautiful wedding gift; it was well made and I was proud to give it. The shipping was stellar. I ordered this on a Sunday afternoon when the wedding was the following Saturday, 6 days later. The board arrived Thursday BEFORE the wedding. I was shocked. I expected it to give it to the happy couple after the wedding. I would order again from this company without hesitation."

For the partner who's a music lover, this gift will be a major hit. The acrylic, UV-engraved frame features their favorite artist's photo and a song of your choice. It can even be engraved with a Spotify song code that can be scanned with your phone so you can listen to the song you chose.

Top Review: "Got this as a gift for my boyfriend. He loves it. Also loves that the scan code for Spotify works. Wasn't sure it would. Plan on buying more as gifts for friends and family. Love this!"

Make a big statement with this customizable blanket, made from a soft and lightweight flannel. You can add both photos and text, so you can include a wedding photo and your date to honor such a significant occasion.

Top Review: "I was surprised how wonderful this blanket turned out. Great images, great size, and really soft material. Absolutely a great purchase! Also want to add that the images were perfect!"

Wildly popular on TikTok, shower steamers make a practical and highly enjoyable gift for any couple to enjoy together. These essential-oil infused steamers will make any shower a spa experience and come in scents like peppermint and lavender for ultimate relaxation.

Top Review: "Smells amazing in the shower and the scent even lasts for a couple hours after (I keep my bathroom door closed)! I’ve purchased approximately 12+ of these over the last 12 months & gifted. I’m addicted!"

For a partner who values an experience over material gifts, consider setting up an at-home date night. This popcorn kit comes complete with both popping kernels and five different flavor powders (like caramel corn and spicy sriracha) so you can enjoy plenty of flavors during your quality time together.

Top Review: "I bought this as a gift for a friend and she loves it. Each time she tries another flavor of seasoning she raves about how good it is. The fact that it is 0 calories is an added bonus. Win win!!"

Nothing says "self-care" like a complete skin and body care gift basket. This vanilla coconut-scented kit comes complete with items like a shower gel, bath bombs, and even a towel to use during a spa night at home. Pamper away.

Top Review: "Truly felt like a spa experience. Leaves skin very smooth and hydrated."

As a fun twist on the tin tradition for 10-year anniversaries, this dice set helps couples come up with fun date night ideas. With options like "watch the sunset," "cook for each other," and "start a scrapbook," these dice are a sweet and simple gift any couple can appreciate.

Top Review: "This was a perfect gift for our neighbors’ 10th anniversary! They've found it to be so much fun and helpful on those nights when they want to go out, but just have no idea what to do."

If you and your partner prefer to have an intimate night in to connect on your 10-year anniversary date, this lavender-scented massage oil can help you do just that. The almond and jojoba oils mixed in also have skin benefits, and the formula is cruelty-free.

Top Review: "My husband and I have tried quite a few different oils to massage one another body and this oil has topped them all."

Whisky lovers will go wild for this DIY kit for adding flavor to any neutral whisky that's on hand. The kit includes three types of oak and six herb and spice options, as well as two bottles for infusing. It's a gift you two can continue to enjoy past your anniversary, too.

Top Review: "My husband really enjoyed this kit. It's kinda like a cake mix and chemistry set all rolled into one but for whisky. You just add your base spirit (we had some white lightning) and then you get to pick whatever flavorings from the box you want. Basically guaranteed success but with your own spin on it. Really cool. I'd recommend!"

If you or your partner don't imbibe, but you love a good latte, this set of engraved spoons is an adorable way to celebrate your 10 years together. The spoons are stainless steel and dishwasher-safe, so you can enjoy them (and your coffee together) for years to come.

Top Review: "This was a 10 year Anniversary gift for my daughter & son-in-law. They loved it. Very durable and great value for the money."

For a premium drink-related gift, this whisky set includes four monogrammed glasses, a decanter, and a whisky rocks kit. There are nine different personalization options for engraving, so you can customize it perfectly for your partner.

Top Review: "My two best friends and I turned 50 this year and I got the decanter sets for them both. Perfect gift! One of my friends said he was so impressed that he was going to get one for his brother."

If you’re looking for a fancy 10-year anniversary gift for a partner who's bougie, these personalizable champagne glasses are perfect for celebrating this milestone. Plus the set comes in an engraved keepsake box to add a special touch.

Top Review: "Lovely and sturdy glasses. Wedding couple loved them! Definitely recommend getting the gift box… makes it a better gift, presentation and keepsake. Fast production and shipping too… ordered and received in less than a week."

Simple is sometimes better, and these beautiful but sleek stemless wine glasses are proof. Each glass holds up to 18 ounces and shows off a metallic copper plating design.

Top Review: "Glasses were very classy and look great on a nice dinner table. I purchased this as a gift and they can be used as wine or water glasses. I plan to order the tall wine glasses to match for their next gift. All eight glasses were set at their table and looked quite impressive. Excellent quality."

This stunning 3-D heart-shaped photo display is a unique alternative to the traditional picture frame. The laser-etched picture features every detail of the photo you choose, and can also display text at the bottom of the image.

Top Review: "I ordered this for our fifteenth anniversary. It came right away, it was packed very well, and it turned out gorgeous. I was blown away by how beautiful it turned out. I love it and so does my husband. The work was perfect. When you turn the light on, it has a glow that looks fabulous. I would recommend this for any occasion, birthday or anniversary."

This natural wood frame breaks down 10 years into months, weeks, days, and more. It comes in multiple sizes to fit your photo.

Top Review: "My son and his wife loved the frame we gave them for their 10th anniversary. It is well made."

As a creative alternative to a traditional photo, this 3-D lamp features a sketch drawing of your photo and includes an LED light and wood base frame that you can customize with text.

Top Review: "I’m at a loss for words for how amazing this turned out. ... They got all the details I wanted in it and it looks incredible. I would 20/10 recommend this product. Amazing quality at an amazing price."

If your partner's a fan of the beach, this personalized canvas is a sweet way to get to their heart and commemorate a special occasion. You can choose your names and wedding date, along with three different size options to help fit it into any space.

Top Review: "I just saw it out of the package today and gave it to my wife; today, Aug. 2nd, is our silver anniversary. We loved it."

This rustic and real wood can be printed with any photo you want, and comes with either a natural jute string or saw-tooth attachment to hang it from. There are plenty of size options, and this gift also supports a small business.

Top Review: "I had this whole picture made by someone that does digital art work and I was searching on Amazon to turn this piece into a wall art. They did an amazing job as you can see in the picture! My BF loves barn house style decor and found this amazing wood frame. You guys exceeded my expectations and definitely going to make someone's day."

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