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The 19 Best Meaningful 10

Oct 03, 2023

If you're coming up on your 10th wedding anniversary, first things first: Congratulations on making it this far as a duo! Now all that's left to do is find your spouse the perfect 10-year anniversary gift. So, we rounded up a bunch of relevant gift options sure to please, plus some tips to keep in mind when deciding on a gift.

As you may know, each wedding anniversary has a theme, starting with paper on your first anniversary, going all the way up to diamonds on your 60th. In the case of a 10-year anniversary, the theme is tin or aluminum, both durable metals fit to represent the 10 years of marriage you've completed.

Of course, you don't have to stick to the yearly themes if you don't want to, but they can be fun to follow along with, as each material through the years gets more and more solid—just like your relationship!

When buying gifts for anyone, and particularly a spouse, certified couples therapist Alicia Muñoz, LPC, says there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind.

For one thing, understanding your partner and what they might like should be top of mind. Are they fond of silly gifts? Meaningful gifts? Extravagant gifts? Sure, you could always wow your loved one with something pricey, but as Muñoz says, "Most of the time, gifts are about really expressing to our partners that we see them deeply and know who they are."

For example, she notes, if your spouse's favorite artist is coming to town for a concert, getting tickets ahead of time and taking the time to present the tickets in a meaningful way would show them that you really know them and care about them.

In addition to that, Muñoz adds you can keep the five love languages in mind. If their love language is gifts, that makes it pretty straightforward (they'll be happy with any truly thoughtful gift). But maybe they prefer words of affirmation or acts of service, in which case a love letter or taking care of a big house project that's been on your bucket list might be more appropriate, respectively.

Want to follow the 10-year anniversary theme? Here are a few creative tin gifts and aluminum gifts to consider.

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Take your spouse's grill game to the next level with this 20-piece Cuisinart grill set. While the actual tools are made from stainless steel, the set comes in a compact aluminum box for easy storage and portability. The spatula even has a built-in bottle opener—talk about functionality.

Deluxe 20-piece Grill Set by Cuisinart, $49.70

If your spouse is a coffee and/or tea fanatic, they're sure to love these 10-year anniversary mugs that feature a "Happy Tin Years" pun, plus your personalized wedding date. And at less than 20 bucks, this is a good option if you're working on a budget or if you and your spouse agreed on simple gifts this year.

Happy Tin Year Mug by YaGottaLoveItDesigns, $18.97

For the spouse in need of some new tech, iPads are versatile devices that just so happen to be made with aluminum. For an extra-sweet touch, you could set it up before they open it, making a picture of you two the screensaver or adding your anniversary to the calendar.

iPad 10.2-inch by Apple, starting at $329.99

There are lots of aluminum jewelry options available online for different tastes, but these minimal aluminum cuffs would be a great option for anyone. They come engraved with 10 tally marks and the words "Ten down, forever to go." Sweet, simple, and it sticks to the 10-year theme.

10 Year Tally Aluminum Bracelet by Gardens Gate Jewelry, $58

A simple and affordable option, these tin picture frames found on Etsy are great for showcasing your favorite pictures of the two of you. Or, if your spouse is an avid art collector, maybe you opt for a print of their favorite piece to put in the frame. In any case, this is a solid and sentimental gift for any budget.

Tin Photo Frame by CasaPazMx, $22

These custom star maps by The Night Sky show you exactly what was happening in the stars on a specific date, whether your wedding day, your first kiss, or the first day you met. And to fit with the theme, yes, you can get an aluminum frame for the print.

Custom Star Map by The Night Sky, starting at $65

OK—not aluminum or tin. But we have yet to mention that each wedding anniversary also has an associated flower. And the 10-year anniversary flower? You guessed it: daffodils. A bright bouquet of these sunny flowers (which represent rebirth and new beginnings) is a great way to commemorate the last 10 years and kick off the next.

If you and your spouse haven't been following along with the themes each year—or you're just not keen on the tin theme—it's totally up to you to do your own thing. And with so many meaningful gift options, you've got plenty of gifts to choose from. Here are some romantic and thoughtful options:

Create a record of your love with this guided journal for couples by Philipp Keel. It has dozens of questions for you to answer together, about everything from your history together to your future. After all, just because you've been together for 10 years doesn't mean you have to stop getting to know each other.

All About Us: Guided Journal by Philipp Keel, $11.99

If your spouse is stressed (or just likes to pamper themselves), this self-care subscription box by TheraBox is the gift that keeps on giving. You can certainly opt just for a single box, or you can set up a recurring subscription. Either way, your spouse is sure to appreciate all the self-care goodies to come.

Self-care box by TheraBox, $34.99

Diamonds may be the 60th-anniversary theme, but that doesn't mean you can't gift your spouse some nice diamond jewelry before you reach that milestone. Just be sure you go for sustainably and ethically sourced diamonds, like these gorgeous earrings by Blue Nile.

Diamond stud earrings by Blue Nile, $376

Moving away from products and toward more sentimental options, a love letter is perfect for the partner who appreciates words of affirmation. We've got a full guide on how to write a love letter to get you started, and you can give this to your spouse as is, or as one part of an overall gift.

Alternatively, if your partner's love language is acts of service, they'll likely be particularly touched by the gift of services, whether you cook them their favorite meal, take care of all their least favorite chores, or plan a whole day of fun anniversary activities for the two of you.

Making your spouse a "coupon" booklet is sweet, unique, and totally customizable. The best part is, you can make it as sentimental, sexy, or anywhere in between, as you like. Coupons can range from "one free hug" to "one week of me doing all the dishes" to "one sexy photo of me." The options here are endless.

Again, you don't have to stick with the tin or aluminum theme, and if you and your partner have a more casual vibe to anniversaries, these fun and sexy gifts might be more up your alley. Just make sure you're on the same page about the kinds of gifts you're expecting.

There are lots of different couples' games available, and this one by The Skin Deep asks the real questions. Or rather, you and your spouse get to ask each other the real questions. They even have different decks for long-term couples, families, and children.

The And by The Skin Deep, $27.99

If you've never tried a massage candle, 10 years into a marriage seems like a good place to start. This one by Maude smells excellent and couples the aesthetic glow of a candle with all the pleasure of a sensual massage. A win-win, if you ask us.

Burn no. 0 Massage Candle by Maude, $15

What's more fun and intimate than a romantic getaway? And just in time for your anniversary, no less! An Airbnb gift card will allow your spouse to pick the destination for your next trip—or at least the accommodations.

Gift cards from Airbnb

Looking to spice up your sex life on this milestone anniversary? There are lots of fun couples' sex toys on the market these days. A fun one to consider: This high-tech cock ring by Deimos cock is a great option to incorporate a simple toy into your routine, offering different styles of stimulation depending on positions and settings.

Deimos Cock Ring by JimmyJane, $125

If you're looking for another sex toy option, this couple's set by Lovense is a great option for cis-hetero couples, and they also make couples' sets for gay and lesbian couples. These toys sync and respond to each other from afar via Bluetooth as well, which is ideal if one of you travels for work often.

Max 2 and Nora Long Distance Set by Lovense, $190

The perfect option if you're looking for a little sexy inspo, this Position of the Day book by Nerve shows you how to get into pretty much any sex position you can imagine. Your anniversary night—and all the years to follow—are sure to be anything but boring with the help of this book.

Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way from, $9.95

Gifts are often about so much more than the gift itself. They show you care, you understand your partner, and you appreciate and love them. A 10-year anniversary is a huge milestone, and whether you opt for a tin gift, something more meaningful, or something sexy and fun, what really counts is finding a gift that's right for your partner's and your unique relationship.

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.