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New York: The 11 Federal Holidays That Close Everything

Aug 12, 2023

There are holidays that close everything, and they are usually ones that people look forward to because it means that they also become a three-day weekend.

When are these holidays? Are these the holidays that don't have mail delivery and you don't put your trash out?

The Federal Holidays that also include no mail delivery and the banks being closed are as follows, keep reading to find out if you need to put your trash cans out on these days too. Keep in mind that some of these days, have "Observed Days." For instance, if New Years Day lands on a Sunday, then the holiday would be on the Monday.

Depending on the trash company, that truly comes down to whether or not you have to put the trash cans out on that day. Most trash companies will not pick up and then delay the trash pick-up by one day.

It is pretty safe to go with the following days as ones to not put the trash out, but always ask you trash carrier. New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.