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Morrisons shopper 'nearly fainted' after seeing £8.25 price of Yorkshire Tea

Oct 20, 2023

Inflation has gone up and shoppers have seen the costs of food and drink rise - now customers have been left in disbelief after seeing the price of Yorkshire tea bags in Morrisons

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Morrisons shoppers have hit out at the "ridiculous" price of Yorkshire tea bags after spotting it on sale for a whopping £8.25.

People across the UK have the seen the price of food and drink rise over the past few months. Costs for tea bags, milk and sugar all went up as food price inflation jumped from 10.6% last month to 11.6%, according to the British Retail Consortium.

And the price rises have been clearly evident on supermarket shelves, with customers pointing out how much Yorkshire tea bags now cost. Ali Osman went to supermarket group Reduce Your Supermarket Spend and revealed the £8.25 cost of 240 Yorkshire tea bags at Morrisons, reports Birmingham Live.

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He then asked if it was a "joke" after showing the £8.25 price. According to, Morrisons has the most expensive price for the 240 box with Waitrose being the next most expensive at £6.60.

Shoppers commented on the post and called the price "ridiculous". Jo Ryder said: "This is believe it or not the correct price. I saw it that price in Morrison's a month ago and nearly fainted. £4:49 in Lidl and Aldi!"

And Beverly Cook said: "Most places seem to charge about £6.30 standard price for these so yes this is excessive" while Emma White said: "Jesus Christ we need a cap on teabags."

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