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How To Make A Cold Brew Infused Watermelon

May 01, 2023

There's a lot of talk about watermelon and coffee these days, and for a good reason—these two great tastes, somehow, taste great together. You can make a genuinely elevated coffee watermelon experience using Sprudge Managing Editor's Zac Cadwalader's recipe. You can also do what I do and take a stubby of cold brew and jam it in a watermelon.

Alcohol-infused watermelons are nothing new and have been around for decades—but I don't drink alcohol, so why should vodka have all the fun? You can create a caffeinated picnic snack with a gentle whisper of coffee flavor by taking the same approach to vodka-infused watermelons and subbing out the vodka for cold brew. It's weird, sure, but if you’re open-minded and like fun this might be the recipe for you.

What you need:

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Not all watermelons are the same, and some might take more cold brew than others—we think a medium-sized melon is excellent, but try different sizes!

This infusion approach can work with a cold brew, iced coffee, cascara, or whatever! Experiment! Have fun! Life is short.

How to make cold brew-infused watermelon.