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Have You Tasted Any of These Weird Candy Cane Flavors?

May 03, 2023

(Photo by Casey Rodgers/Invision for NESTLE CRUNCH/AP Images)

by: Zach Hester

Posted: Dec 22, 2022 / 05:19 PM CST

Updated: Dec 22, 2022 / 05:19 PM CST

(WHNT) — Ketchup, pickles, and… sardines? Those are just a few of the strangest candy cane flavors making the rounds this holiday season.

Most Americans are accustomed to a typical peppermint stick when biting into a candy cane or maybe even a fruity flavor, but several merchandisers offer some truly strange tastes.

News 19 compiled a list of the strangest candy cane flavors on shelves this Christmas.

It feels like these candy canes should come in a metal tin, rather than traditional plastic and cardboard packaging.

According to candy maker Archie McPhee, the sardine candy canes were "inspired by the stories that every Christmas Eve, Santa spends all night eating sardines straight from the tine while he flies around the world."

To see more about the sardine candy canes, visit

Ball game foods like hot dogs and hamburgers now come packaged as hard, holiday candy — at least if you bite into a hot dog candy cane.

These strange candy canes offer an "iconic meaty and sweet taste of a summer barbeque to your wintery wonderland this holiday season," according to the folks at

See more about hot dog candy canes and where to order a set of your own here.

Macaroni and cheese makes for a perfect holiday side dish… these mac and cheese candy canes? Not so much.

According to a listing on, the mac and cheese candy canes offer "fun at your next holiday gathering" and could definitely be a conversation starter. Learn more about these odd candy canes here.

Don't waste Christmas calories on soda — use them on soda-flavored candy canes instead!

With flavors from A&W Root Bear, 7 Up, and Dr. Pepper, every soda drinker in the house has something special if you snatch up the mixed box from Spangler Candy.

See if they have your favorite soda in candy cane form at

Is there anything more festive than a pickle candy cane at Christmastime? Yes, yes there is — but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a spot on the list.

Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop offers a variety of strangely flavored candy canes — including pickles. See that listing and others on the shop's website here.

Ketchup is a widely beloved condiment that pairs perfectly with French fries, a hamburger, or a hot dog. The folks at Archie McPhee also seem to think they make perfect candy canes.

The listing on calls these a necessary gift for "the ketchup lover in your life!"

Here's the perfect gift for the bacon lover in your life.

"Just to keep things interesting… these candy canes don't taste like peppermint, but instead are infused with the flavor of bacon," says the description on "You could even leave one out for Santa in lieu of the usual boring cookies."

The bacon-flavored candy canes are available from a number of retailers. See more here.

Lettuce gather and eat Caesar salad candy canes. While your typical Caesar salad comes with the crunch of garlicky croutons, this candy cane packs a different crunch.

According to, the candy canes are "a little creamy, a little lettuce-y, and a tiny bit anchovy."

See more about the Caesar salad candy canes and other odd flavors here.



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