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From Laughter to Tears: 'Frozen Peas in an Old Tin Can' brings the reality of Manchester's homelessness crisis to life

Oct 17, 2023

This emotionally gripping story follows the friendship of three people living on the streets of Manchester, displaying the many issues homeless people face in their day-to-day lives.

Derek (Will Travis), Sarah (Lula Marsh) and Barney (Kyle Rowe) all have distinctly different paths as to how they have ended up homeless.

The actors put on an incredibly authentic performance and strike the perfect balance between both the comedic and more serious scenes in the play.

Each character's back story is slowly revealed as the play unfolds, which is effective in making the audience realise just how anyone can end up in an unfortunate situation.

And despite the story obviously having a serious tone, the play is in-fact very funny and the characters perfectly capture the Manchester sense of humour – which they all have an abundance of to help each other get by.

During the play, the trio eventually come up with the idea of visiting Southport and decide if they can save some money, they can make the trip.

But Derek soon comes up with the idea of starting a band, which surprisingly becomes an idea that could be pivotal in changing their lives.

Their friendship feels both authentic and natural, which is effective in immersing you into their story. There is a lot laughs throughout the show, but there are some tear-jerking moments which quickly makes you realise the reality of their situation.

Each of the characters are charming in their own right and the cast each gives an excellent performance in their individual roles. Joseph Walsh directs the show skilfully and certainly excels in breaking the many preconceptions the homeless community face.

In the North West, Manchester has one of the worst rates of homelessness in the region.

But shows like this will raise awareness about the problem in the city and perhaps make you think more about the issues homeless people face within our communities. T

his isn't a show which attempts to try and present solutions as to how to solve the homeless issue.

Instead, this production gives you a touching story about hope and the friendship of three people.

This is a show which will certainly surprise you and is definitely worth the watch!

You can catch the show at The Way Theatre in Leigh from the 3rd May to Sunday the 7th May.

Tickets prices of General admission are £7.00 but you can also buy unwaged tickets from £2.00.

You can get them by clicking here.

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