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East Surry seniors visit Westfield Elementary

May 18, 2023

Westfield Elementary students line the halls to congratulate the graduates.

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The graduating class from East Surry High School, shortly before their graduation, visited Westfield and the other elementary schools in the county.

"It was a special day for both the graduates and the students at Westfield Elementary," Surry County school officials said. "Some of the teachers here at Westfield had a tear in their eye as they recognized former students who are now graduating. Many of the students remembered their former teachers as well, and were greeted with warm hugs, all of them remembering special memories that were made in their childhood in these exact halls and classrooms."

The entire student body lined the halls and clapped for the graduates. Then pictures were taken in the courtyard.

"It was a day not soon forgotten in our minds and hearts. We wish the very best to the graduating classes of 2023," officials said.