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Delicious Meal Hacks for the Perfect New England Camping Weekend

Aug 31, 2023

There are two things I enjoy in this world: cooking and camping. When the two are combined, I'm living my best life.

The fiancée and I just returned from our annual camping trip to recharge. This year, we enjoyed Massasoit State Park. Despite rough weather, we toughed it out and warmed our souls with some good-mood food.

Planning on going camping this summer? Here are some quick and easy ideas the whole family will love.

What you'll need:

Step 1: Melt a dollop of butter on the skillet over an open flame to grease up the pan.

Step 2: Layer your bacon and cook it to your preference, but don't discard the grease (this is very important when it comes time for the eggs).

Step 3: Chop your potatoes into small cubes and roast them in the same skillet. Add black pepper for zest and empty onto a paper towel when crispy.

Step 4: Add your eggs to the hot ("dirty") pan of grease. It's important to stir them (carefully, don't get too close to the fire) until they are fluffy and cooked all the way through. An oven mitt may be required for this.

Step 5: Add some fruit on the side and enjoy.

What you'll need:

Step 1: Butter two slices of bread and add cheese and a slice or two of tomato between them.

Step 2: Wrap the bread loosely in tin foil and add a small dollop of butter underneath the sandwich.

Step 3: Set over an open flame and let it cook for 3 to 5 minutes on each side, only flipping once.

Step 4: Remove from the fire and open up to cool down before consuming. The contents are piping hot.

Step 5: Heat a can of Campbell's tomato soup and place it in the middle of the table to dunk your grilled cheese. It's perfect for a raw and rainy day.

What you'll need:

Step 1: Place the treats on the skewer and rotate them in the fire, but be careful they don't melt off the stick.

Step 2: Once your treats has toasted to your preference, carefully slide them off the skewer once they cool and enjoy.

BONUS: Buying the Rice Krispies Treats with chocolate chips is a must and makes for instant s'mores.

Happy camping and remember to bring dish soap or any soap that's safe for the environment to wash your pans afterwards.