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12 Hot Items for Twisted Pretzel Lovers

Apr 26, 2023

Attention all twisted pretzel lovers: Wednesday, April 26th is National Pretzel Day.  Read on for the history of pretzels, some of my favorite pretzel related items, and some crazy pretzel stuff you may not know exists. After researching this, I seriously want to throw a pretzel party.

The pretzel industry is worth more than 500 million dollars a year. The average American consumes about 1.5 pounds of pretzels a year according to

That seems low compared to our household. I buy a new bag of pretzels every week! 

Hard pretzels were invented in 1850 in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania is still the main producers of hard pretzels today. The internet says that Philadelphians consume 12 times the average amount of pretzels per year, but says that statistic doesn't have factual basis. Maybe, but the almighty pretzel is definitely a Philadelphia staple.

The origin of soft pretzels is a little more… twisted. Conflicting stories of origin are abundant, but most believe that 12th century Germans first used soft pretzels as emblems of their guild. (

Pretzels have also been associated with Christianity: the three holes representing The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  Before there were Easter Egg hunts, pretzels were hidden for children to find on Easter morning.

The exact origin of the original pretzel may not be known, but it doesn't make them any less delicious.  Happy National Pretzel Day!  May you find that pretzel item too delicious to pass up!

Eastern Standard Provision soft pretzels are a house FAVORITE. My sister sent us a gift box and we’ve been helping keep their doors open ever since. Side note: their Belgian waffles are also fantastic and they offer a wide array of options in their shipped boxes.

Subtly speak your love for the almighty pretzel with this retro vibe t-shirt. Available in men, women, and youth cuts, plus TEN different color options!

This book was one of my kids’ favorites. It's the story of Walter and how he accidentally invented pretzels.  I love the story and the illustrations. Eric Carle is an amazing children's author.

For the pretzel and chocolate lover: welcome to Nirvana. The Pretzel Plate has a ton of chocolate-covered pretzel options, but this one is my favorite.

Why, yes, this does exist. Celebrate Pretzel Day with THIS show stopper. You are guaranteed to turn heads with your pretzel head.

Grab a three-wick giant candle and smell the pretzels… and milkshake: the perfect combo! Dang it, now I want a soft pretzel and a milkshake.

Celebrate Pretzel Day with a pretzel-making party for the kids! Age 5-12: kits includes recipe and ingredients.

Pretzel Party! How great would it be to show up packing a dozen inflatable pretzels? You can use these for Pretzel Day and Oktoberfest! Welcome to my cart, inflatable pretzels.

Put an everyday touch of pretzel in your kitchen decor with this retro metal sign. 12×8 inches makes it a great accent piece.

Ladies, we can pair pretzels and beer with our love of fun pajama pants.  Sizes XS – XL

A pretzel that doesn't get soggy in water: you in… the pool? Grab a floating pretzel now and be ready for a tasty swim.

"On Pretzel Day… I love Pretzel Day." Check out the Pretzel Day t-shirt! It's perfect to wear to The Office, but if you get 18 toppings on your pretzel, you may want a bib too. Are you with me?