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11 Best Women's Perfumes According to Men That Swoon Them over

Jun 28, 2023

Just like a sexy outfit gets you compliments; a good perfume too does the same! Apart from outfits, it is the best women's perfume according to men that leaves an unmissable impression and has guys swooning over you. Whether it is for the day, or for a special date night, perfumes are that invisible piece of accessory you must wear when you slip into a great outfit. The right kind of perfume not only helps in boosting your confidence but can also work wonders for your personality. While a perfume can help you feel charming, it is also used as a harmless way to entice and seduce a lover.

For years together, perfumes have been used by women the world over to attract men. And as Coco Chanel rightly said, "A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed". While the idea may seem a little far fetched, it certainly falls on the radar! There are some specific fragrance notes which make women irresistible and could be your charm turner for date nights, anniversary dinners, or a special occasion. So, to help you out and turn on your charm effortlessly, we listed some best female perfumes according to guys that are worth spending your money on.

Perfect for both day and night, the Ed Hardy Perfume by Christian Audigier has a subtle but charming scent. This eau de parfum is an ecstatic explosion of fruit essences that is vibrant, addictive, and oh-so-sexy! With mango, grapefruit, wild strawberry, and apple for top notes, this perfume transports you into a magical tropical land. While the heart notes consist of freesia, lime (linden) blossom, and lily of the valley make the passion linger for a longer time. To give that hint of seductiveness and romance, the base notes of this amazing perfume have rose, amber, vanilla, tonka bean, and musk. The fragrance is sure to exude confidence and a bubbly aura.

Thanks to its refreshing scent, the Lucky You Eau De Toilette is one of the best women's perfumes according to men. The perfume has a rich balance of water hyacinth, ruby red grapefruit, and freesia that makes up the top notes. These subtle yet enticing fragrance notes are perfect to be worn during the day. The middle notes consist of star jasmine, blue poppy, and peony that give a burst of fresh florals while the bottom notes have a musky, amber, and creamy sandalwood scent that is delicate and scintillating. This perfume is perfect for those ladies who love the whiff of a mild and uplifting fragrance to trail as they walk. As per our expertise, it is ideal to wear this perfume during fall days as you step out for brunch or a mid-day soiree.

Oozing with modernness, femininity, and sophistication, this Very Irrésistible Eau De Toilette by Givenchy has the perfectly mild, floral fragrance. With top notes of cassia, lemon verbena, and star anise, the scent offers a charming aromatic accord. The enticing rose essence blended with peony and magnolia forms the heart notes of this fragrance which uplifts your mood instantly. Patchouli, vanilla, musk, and taif rose conclude the base notes of this mesmerizing fragrance by adding a sense of elegance to your style when you spray it. This is one of the best female perfumes according to guys as it gives a perfect whiff of beguilement and elicitation.

The Vera Wang perfume is a perfect essence of modern and floral bliss. This sweet, floral-scented perfume will give you an instant hit of a nostalgic walk in a park and is one of the best women perfumes out there. With the first few whiffs, you catch on to the flirty top notes of Bulgarian rose, calla lily, and mandarin flower. The fragrance notes further transition into gardenia, lotus, iris, and white stephanotis which fill your senses a soothing feel of self-love. The lingering scent of sheer musk, floral accord, and white wood adds to the floral vibe of this product. We determined through our tests that the fragrance has a dominant scent of white flowers and is perfect to be worn during the evening.

You simply cannot say no to a refreshing blend of sweet fruit scents with floral undertones that NOLLIE Eau De Parfum by PACSUN has to offer. This perfume comes in a dainty glass floral bottle which adds to the charm and makes it perfect for gifting purposes. It caters to sweet and subtle scents of white jasmine which oozes femininity and is sure to grab you some compliments. The base of the perfume has a mild tone of musk that instantly awakens your senses and gets you pepped up and energized for the day ahead. Without being too overpowering, it is one of the best women perfumes that offers a decent sillage which makes it a perfect go-to for everyday use.

A signature scent by Sarah Jessica Parker, Lovely is a mindfully whipped up formulation that is classy and undeniably sexy! The fragrance is a sophisticated concoction of citrusy and rosewood notes. The top notes include mandarin orange, lavender, martini, bergamot, and, palisander rosewood which is soft yet refreshing. It then lingers into crisp middle notes of patchouli, orchid, and narcissus which has a strong sillage. Lastly, the perfume finishes off with a white musk, woody richness, cedar, and amber which stays on with you all through the day. Our team discovered through using this product that this exotic fragrance makes your presence felt in a room.

The WISH Chopard Eau De Parfum comes in an awe-striking diamond-shaped glass bottle. The fragrance offers playful notes that are a blend of sweet, sultry blend of creamy and sensual scents. The top notes include wild strawberries, gooseberry, honeysuckle, and coconut which instantly give you a tropical holiday vibe. To boot, the middle notes have milk, heliotrope, violet, honey, orchids that have a whiff of elegance, and mystery. Lastly, the fragrance settles down with enticing amber, caramel, patchouli, rich sandalwood, and sweet vanilla. This blend of oriental notes makes this perfume one of the best women's perfume according to men.

Indulge in the soothing and fresh aromatic fragrance of the Pascal Morabito Perle De Nuit Eau De Parfum. This fragrance has a rich blend of spice and balsamic tones with a hint of powdery rose which makes it perfect for an evening time. The fruity top notes are a pleasant and feminine blend of light geranium and heady rose, with a powdery tinge. While the middle notes have a creaminess of amber along with a gourmand fragrance of tonka bean, cherry, coffee, and almond. The mesmerizing aroma finishes with a smooth combination of warm amber and earthy patchouli. This fragrance for women lingers on for long hours and keeps you in the best possible mood!

A fragrance designed specifically from pheromone oils, the Aromolon Pheromone Perfume for women will make you feel like the best version of yourself. This perfume comes in a tiny, travel-friendly bottle that makes it perfect for gifting purposes too! It consists of a blend of invigorating essential oils that boosts your confidence and makes sure you fetch a lot of compliments. This is one of the best women perfumes which is apt for various occasions from formal to casual. Our team discovered through using this product that applying it to your pulse points makes this fragrance work like a magic potion that lasts for long hours.

Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue Eau De Toilette reminds you of a refreshing seaside summer evening. The fresh and seductive fragrance hits all the notes in the right mood to energize you instantly. With a fresh crisp apple and Sicilian cedar top notes, this perfume gives you beachy vibes. The middle notes have a floral touch of jasmine and white rose. While the base notes are musky, citron, and amber which is quite invigorating. Suitable for everyday, this fragrance is perfect for work and days that have tons of meetings.

Created by perfumer Christine Nagel, the Versace Woman Eau De Parfum Spray is a seductive fragrance that feels super dreamy. The fragrance comes in a classy glass bottle which oozes modern-ness with a touch of sensual vibes. This perfume opens with intense floral harmonies of jasmine, wild rose, and frangipani leaves which blend into a sweet citrusy scent of bergamot. The intense heart note includes lotus, plum, raspberry, and Lebanese blue cedar, while the base note comprises of rich warm musk, grey amber, and Inoki wood. This is one of the best women's perfumes according to men, thanks to its perfect balance of enticing fragrance notes.

These were some of our top picks when it comes to the best women's perfume according to men. However, picking a perfume is not as easy as it may seem. You need to consider a few key factors to make sure you pick nothing but the best.

Picking a perfume can be subjective, and is usually based on one's individual preference and choice. However, there are a few important factors to consider when selecting the best women's perfume according to men -

Longevity And Concentration

The longevity of a perfume usually depends on its quality and the concentration of it. The higher the fragrance concentration, the better the quality of perfume oils. Most perfumes are commonly divided into four major categories:

1. Pure Parfum: Pure parfum has the highest fragrance concentration and is usually the most expensive one. It contains around 30 to 40% of high quality concoctions of fragrance oils. These last for around 8 to 10 hours.

2. Eau de Parfum: This is the second highest concentration with around 15 to 20% of concoction of fragrance oils. It generally lasts for roughly 4 to 5 hours.

3. Eau de Toilette: Eau de Toilette is a type with 5 to 15% of fragrance concoction and is commonly used by everyone. It lasts for around 2 to 3 hours and is comparatively the most affordable one.

4. Eau de Cologne: It comprises the lowest fragrance concentration of about 2 to 4% of fragrance oils, and has a higher percentage of alcohol. These last for about an hour or two and then eventually fade away.

Fragrance Notes And Occasion:

After picking the type of perfume, it is time to determine your fragrance preferences and when you should wear it. Fragrance notes range from fruity, floral, woody, oriental, fresh, or spicy. Picking the right note at the right time helps in setting your mood right for the occasion.

1. Fragrance for Daytime: For daytime wear, it is best to stick with something lighter and fresher. Opt for something citrusy, floral, or even earthy. Eau de toilette or Eau de cologne would be a perfect pick for every day, casual, daytime wear.

2. Fragrance for Night-time: Night-time perfumes call for something sensual, seductive, and warm. Pick perfumes with notes that have vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, honey, coffee, woody, or patchouli. Such notes work best when the air around you is cool.

3. Fragrance for a Date Night: Date nights call for something sultry and enchanting. Pick fruity notes like peach, apples, passion fruit, sweet honeysuckle, spicy or musky.

4. Fragrance for Work: Offices and workspaces are not big on perfumes. And this is why you should stick to the milder ones. Opt notes of spice, woody, oceanic, oriental, or citrusy as these are not too overwhelming. Moreover, these are also considered among the confidence boosters and enhance your mindset at work.

5. Fragrance for Vacation: Vacations call for something flirty and fun! Pick something mild floral, citrusy, and floral to vibe effortlessly as you let your hair down and unwind.

6. Fragrance for Parties: Parties and weddings are places where you often bump into a lot of people. This is where you want to make the best first impression. So, through our trial and error, we discovered that picking Eau de parfum with notes of spicy, musky, fruity, vanilla, and citrus would be best!

Trust The Feedback:

When you receive a compliment or positive feedback about the perfume you are wearing, make a mental note of it. This way you can determine which fragrance notes make the best women's perfume according to men.


A perfume is that one accessory that cannot be seen but makes the most impact. The list recommended above has some of the best women's perfume according to men. While each fragrance is unique and enticing, pick the one which makes you feel confident, attractive, and happy, and puts you in the best mood. Allow the fragrance notes to develop on your skin for a few minutes after spraying it. This lets you understand and get a sense of how it actually smells on you. While there are numerous perfumes out there that are amazing; it is best to pick the one that lasts long and fetches you a ton of compliments.

We hope that the list of recommendations and how to pick the best women's perfume comes in handy! Ultimately, remember to choose the type of fragrance based on the time of the day, your personality, and also the season you wish to wear it often. Only if you are happy with the fragrance, will it give you the confidence to grab eyeballs. Happy shopping!

Sayantani is a certified hair and makeup professional turned writer with 2+ years of experience in the same genre. Ap More

Sayantani is a certified hair and makeup professional turned writer with 2+ years of experience in the same genre. Apart from being passionate about imparting knowledge on the things she is enthusiastic about, Sayantani also has a knack for all things creative and aesthetic. When not working, she relies on binge-watching beauty videos and social media surfing for her daily dose of entertainment. Here, she has curated a list of the best women's perfumes according to men as per her recommendations.

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