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'We compared M&S Coronation shortbread with Morrisons

May 13, 2023

The retailers have released commemorative tins to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles

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When it comes to any Royal celebration, you can bank on supermarkets jumping on board.

From Union Jack cupcakes to Coronation pork pies, there are all kinds of goodies in store as the nation prepares to celebrate Charles officially becoming King.

But when it came to sampling some of the treats, we decided to stick with something traditional - some good old shortbread.

Both M&S and Morrisons have released commemorative tins of the stuff to mark the big day.

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You can get a cream or a purple tin from M&S, with gold lettering, while Morrisons' is blue and with a fun design incorporating London landmarks, with a red bus, phone box and post box.

The tins are the same size and the contents weigh the same - at 450g - but that's where the similarities end.

Inside they're completely different, with thick square biscuits from M&S and petticoat tails from Morrisons.

Anybody tucking into shortbread probably wouldn't be too focused on the calories, but even those are virtually the same too, 517 per 100g with M&S, compared with 519 with Morrisons.

It's hard enough to ration yourself to one biscuit anyway, but even more so when the segments are attached together as with the petticoat.

While tasty, Morrisons' thinner segments are so light and airy, you don't actually feel as though you're eating much at all.

With M&S, what you're getting is a proper chunky biscuit. I'm not sure King Charles is a dunker, but dipped in a brew and this bad boy's going nowhere.

The tin might be a quid dearer, £6 compared to a fiver from Morrisons, but on appearance, taste and dunkability, this ones take the crown.

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