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The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts for Every Sweet Tooth

Jun 05, 2023

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We don't know about you, but one of the best things about Valentine's Day is being able to eat a whole box of chocolate without anyone saying a word. Raise your hand if you agree. We’ve rounded up a few of our fave Valentine's Day candy, chocolate, and desserts to surprise your special someone with, or enjoy yourself. Get ready for chocolate roses, candy hearts you can actually read, and dessert samplers that’ll have you reaching for more. We love love, but we love sweets more (shhh).

Want more gift ideas for your valentine? Check this out for our recs for everyone on your be-mine list. Xoxo.

Not all candy is made equal. If you’ve got a sweets lover who knows exactly what they like, this is the gift for them. Choose from over 70 treat options, ranging from classic sweets like gummy bears and Lemonheads to sour gummy colas and Mike and Ikes. Send ’em a mini box that carries two different treats, or splurge for the biggest size that comes with 24. Sugar rush in three…two…one… ($25, Sugarwish)

Because you can't celebrate V-Day without Valentine's Day heart candy. These lollipops come individually wrapped so you can gift them at work, school, or the office. Each bag comes with 40 pops, and we rec pairing them with these DIY Valentine's Day cards to make gifting a cinch. ($8.99, Amazon)

OG conversation heart lovers, don't be alarmed. This updated take on the classic won't disappoint. We love how the text isn't printed on, so we’re not left guessing or squinting to read ’em. They don't come individually wrapped, so if you’re thinking of gifting these, we rec snagging some heart-themed bags to help you out. ($4.29, Amazon)

This brand combines sound, breathwork, and scent to create the ultimate chocolate experience. The box comes with 23 painted chocolate truffles, crafted with ingredients sourced from around the world. You’ll get flavors like wild strawberries and mascarpone cheese, Kokuto black sugar caramel, Montmorency cherry, and Bronte pistachio, along with two bars of their Haut-Chocolat — one infused with a 528 hertz sound frequency for healing, and one without. Chocolate bliss, unlocked. ($125, Vosges)

Customized M&M's just hit different. You can choose from up to three colors, add text, images, and even clipart to a nostalgic childhood candy. While this one comes in a heart-shaped box perfect for gifting, you can also customize a bulk bag, a gift box, or party-favor packs. This holiday = personalized. ($24.99, M&M's)

That's right, Venus et Fleur doesn't just sell long-lasting roses. Now, you can get decadent chocolate truffles and bonbons delivered with the same luxury feel as their bouquets. The chocolates come in either a half-dozen or dozen, and include flavors like Belgian Speculoos praline, smooth vanilla and strawberry rhubarb buttercream, and velvety ganache. Choose between a black or white heart box, and seal your valentine with a personalized hint to make this year one to remember. ($39+, Venus et Fleur)

White chocolate raspberry stars, milk praline hearts, and dark caramel squares are just a few of the chocolate truffles you’ll find in this assortment. This one comes with 14 pieces, so if you or your valentine have a big sweet tooth, we rec reaching for an option you can add on to (this one has up to 80 pieces). ($60, Godiva)

If real flowers aren't their thing, chocolate almost never fails. This gift box of chocolate roses is the perfect way to ring in the lover's holiday, or to gift at graduations and anniversaries. They come in a gold box with a red ribbon, and have long lollipop-like stems. You can choose between milk, dark, and white chocolate, and if you live in a warmer climate, you can opt to have them delivered with ice. Customers say they’re super tasty and look great on display. Psst…the brand says that these treats were created in a factory that also processes peanuts and other tree nuts, so be extra careful if purchasing for someone with an allergy. ($22+, DelightfulChocolate via Etsy)

Plot twist: Valentine's Day isn't all about chocolate and candy. If your sweetie's got a thing for baked goods, this sampler's sure to wow. You’ll get bestsellers like the rainbow-vanilla B'Day Cake Truffles, ooey-gooey Milk Bar Pie, and so much more, all packaged in a reusable branded tin box. Valentine's Day desserts FTW. ($60, Milk Bar)

Start a new holiday tradition with this valentine-making kit. It comes with six popcorn balls and all the bells and whistles you’ll need to decorate them. Smarties, fruit Tootsies, chocolate gems, and gel tubes that’ll help you pop the day's most important question, "will you be mine?" ($44.99, The Popcorn Factory)

If you’re throwing a party (or just wanna send a lil’ love to your valentine during the day), these cheesecake pops are the perfect Valentine's Day dessert to kick off your love fest. You’ll get five dark chocolate pops with an icing heart or sprinkles, three white chocolate pops with pink drizzle, and two pink white chocolate pops with white drizzle. The best part? They come with express overnight shipping, so you can order ’em fresh for the big day. Huzzah. ($59.99, Harry & David)

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