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Sips and Snacks for Book Lovers

Oct 16, 2023

Every reader knows that nothing elevates a reading experience like having the perfect snacks and beverages on hand. Whether your version of that looks like coffee, tea, or a cocktail, choosing something to complement your reading is a fun task to use to enhance your literary experiences and can help set apart your reading time as a special break in your day.

While some folks might have one go-to choice, others like to tailor their drink and snack choices to what they’re reading; trying some peppermint tea for Pride and Prejudice or Turkish delight for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. And even when you don't have a book in front of you, it can be fun to extend your bookish life into your everyday beverages and bites. Because, while you may not be able to spend your morning with a book, you can spend it sipping bookish coffee from an indie bookshop.

Below, you’ll find coffee and tea with literary notes, cocktail kits to pair with favorite classics, and even whole boxes full of book-themed snacks. Whatever you’re reading/snacking/drinking preferences, you’ll find something great to enjoy alongside your latest read!

Made especially for Fabled bookshop, this Bookish Blend coffee is the perfect roast for curling up with a good book or getting prepped for a day of reading. $18

When you’re filling out your current reads or TBR ledger, why not pair it with something from Ledger coffee roasters? Their People's Champ blend mixes notes of fruits, chocolate, and citrus for a delicious drink. $17

Several bookstores and favorite reading shops in my area carry Wonderstate coffee. I can personally vouch that all their roasts make for the perfect reading companion for coffee-loving readers. $18

For those who are more into tea, Fabled also carries some excellent (and punny) tins of literary tea to complement your reading! $19

How fun would it be to serve this bowl of bookish chocolates at your next book club meeting? $31

Midnight Sun readers can pair their book with this Midnight Sun cocktail kit, which comes in both cocktail and mocktail versions. $105

The high society Bridgerton set would fall for this fancy set that includes tea, cocktail or mocktail options, honey, and a glass cocktail shaker. $75

Want to pair a food experience with a relevant book? Check out Read It and Eat, which curates gift boxes of books and related snacks from small businesses. $60

Editor's note: $5 from each box sold is donated to fight hunger in Buffalo, so you can get your munch on and help others to, too.

For a complete reading and eating experience, check out this Book Gift box that pairs a book, snacks, and a beverage. $40

Now that you’ve got your bookish drinks and treats, check out some book-themed mugs or browse more of our gift suggestions for lovers of literary teas!