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Netflix fans have sleepless nights over 'disturbing' thriller Tin and Tina

Jun 21, 2023

Netflix fans say they've been having nightmares after watching new film Tin and Tina, which is set in 1980s Spain and tells the story of a couple who adopt a set of menacing twins

Netflix fans have been left 'horrified' by a 'creepy' new thriller called Tin and Tina.

The Spanish film, set in 1980s Spain, tells the story of a couple who adopt a set of menacing twins - who have strict religious beliefs.

As mysterious and violent occurrences begin to take place, the siblings' eerie energy has a shocking effect on their new parents.

Viewers have been left terrified by the thriller, with many saying they've been having nightmares.

One tweeted: 'Watched Tin and Tina on Netflix. You think the Shining twins were creepy... you ain't seen nothing yet. They utterly creeped me out, and I will have nightmares for days.'

Another added: "Me praying #TinandTina don't come in my dreams tonight. Can't even bare to watch the second half, whilst the house is so quiet. Why have I done this to myself."

While a third said: "I haven't had a movie creep me out in a long time as much as Tin and Tina."

Twins Tin and Tina are portrayed by 11-year-olds Anastasia Russo and Carlos González Morollón.

Couple Lola and Adolfo are played by Milena Smit, 26, and Jaime Lorente, 31.

At the start of the film, Lola miscarries on her wedding day with doctors telling her she will not be able to conceive again, sending her into a depression.

After the sad scenes of her bloodied dress, the film skips to the couple outside an orphanage where they are introduced to Tin and Tina, who have been abandoned at the church's gates.

As a ominous-looking nun explains: "They are indeed special children", Adolfo says: "I know what you're thinking, and they are just too old, and a bit strange.

However, Lola argues that 'these children need to be loved - same as us, we need love,' adding: 'Let us be a family.'

The trailer then slips from the previously playful and 'innocent' twins to a fire in the house as Lola screams.

Netflix is showing a string of horror films on the streaming site at the moment, with some viewers recently saying they had been left 'scarred for life' by The Strays.

In the trailer for the film, Neve, played by Ashley Madekweis is seen driving her children when two strangers appear on the side of the road, almost causing her to crash.

As events unfold, one startled viewer tweeted: "Just finished watching The Strays on Netflix and I think I'm scared for life because what the hell did I just watch!"

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