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Full list of 50 lost chocolate flavours dropped from Quality Street, Celebrations and Roses selection boxes

Sep 06, 2023

BOXES of chocolates are a Christmas classic - but many of the nation's favourites have seen some dramatic changes over the years.

From long-forgotten green 'Mint Fondant' Quality Streets to Heroes treats that were removed over a decade ago, there are many Brits who may not know what they are missing.

Every Christmas, supermarket shelves are stacked with family-size chocolate selection boxes.

The so-called 'Big Four' dominate the festive sales, as families argue over the best option from Roses, Heroes, Quality Street and Celebrations.

But a step back in time reveals that many of the nation's favourites have been lost over the years, reports Surrey Live.

In fact, over 50 different types of treats have come and gone - while some classics have stood the test of time.

Founded back in 1936, Quality Street has become a familiar favourite as families gear up for Christmas.

If you bought a tin this year, the chocolates that you would find include The Green Triangle, Strawberry Delight, Caramel Swirl, Milk Choc Block and Orange Chocolate Crunch.

But the tins of brightly coloured treats underwent a major change this year as the classic wrapping was swapped out for eco-friendly paper.

And compared to 2009, Quality Street contain roughly 48 fewer chocolates per box, The Sun has revealed.

But that isn't the only change the treats have seen over the last 86 years.

While some of them were dropped altogether, others were alterations of those everyone knows today.

And the list is massive, including:

Heroes first hit our shelves in 1999, as Cadbury's looked to combat the sales of rival Mars' Celebrations boxes.

If you enjoyed a box this year, you would have been met with a selection including Fudge, Dairy Milk Caramel, Wispa, and Eclairs.

But with others including a Crunchie and Creme Egg Twisted dividing opinion, it is no wonder the selection has been altered over the years.

The lost treats include:

Just like Heroes, the box of Celebrations comes filled with mini-versions of classic chocolate bars.

Launched in 1997, the varying options in the brightly coloured box includes the highly divisive Bounty - which was controversially axed from some stores in this years selection.

Instead, extra portions of others were added instead, including Mars, Snickers, Milkyway, Teasers and Galaxy

But unlike its rivals, the box of Celebrations hasn't seen too many changes over the years.

Only Galaxy Truffle (1997–2011) and Topic (1997–2006) have come and gone from the selection.

Just like Quality Street, Brits have been enjoying Roses for over 80 years.

Since hitting the shelves in 1938, the box has undergone some drastic changes.

The classic line-up includes favourites including Strawberry Dream, Signature Truffle and the traditional Cadbury's Milk Chocolate.

But over the years, the treats to be left out of the box include: