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Faulty Wiring Reason For Parker Street Fire In Pittsfield

Oct 11, 2023

I've said it before and I'll say it again (probably a thousand times): GOD BLESS OUR LOCAL FIREFIGHTERS! Once again due to their heroic efforts and quick response, lives were saved and fire damage was minimal.

I actually witnessed the incident as I was heading to the radio station dark and early this morning at around 3:45 am. The Pittsfield Fire Department got the call a little after 3 am for a reported structure fire.

Fire crews sprang into action and arrived on the scene (111 Parker Street) almost immediately. The owner of the home reported to firefighters that the family was awoken by several smoke detectors going off and was alerted to heavy smoke coming from the attic of the home.

Fire crews confirmed the heavy smoke and determined the cause to be an electrical box that was located in the insulation between the attic and the second floor. Yes, faulty electrical wiring was the culprit.

Firefighters quickly brought the fire under control and according to a media report from Deputy Chief Ron Clement of the Pittsfield Fire Department, there was light smoke, water, and structural damage to the attic and second-floor bedroom ceiling.

The residents of the home, three adults and four children, were displaced and were being assisted by the Red Cross. Again, thanks to the quick efforts and bravery of the fire crews (and due to the fact that the home had working smoke detectors), the damage was minimal, no lives were lost, and no injuries were reported.

Excellent job, Pittsfield Fire Department!