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Amanda The Adventurer

Aug 22, 2023

There are a grand total of five endings possible in the horror indie title called Amanda the Adventurer, and players will want to see all five.

Amanda the Adventurer is an indie game published by DreadXP. This spooky little game is fairly short, but players can get a lot of mileage out of it since there are some secrets, lots of lore, and it even has five different endings. In order to get each of these endings, players will need to scour every inch of the attic they are locked in for the entire game. But some of the puzzles aren't very easy to complete alone, and some may need a hint to get every single ending this creepy story has to offer them.

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Players of this indie game can unlock a grand total of five endings for this game. Each ending is shown a sticker on the TV; if players don't see five stickers on the TV, they have not collected every ending possible. The five endings are:

The easiest of the endings in this horror game suitable for older kids is the bad ending, called A Gruesome End. In order to get this ending, players will need to follow along with the tapes, solving the puzzles as they are presented without deviation. Here are the steps for completing the game with this ending:

There is a second way to get this ending; if players get all the way to the Family Tape and refuse to help the kitten that is all alone, this ending will also be triggered.

The second of the five multiple endings to the game players can get is the Fateful Ending. This strange ending has a few more steps than A Gruesome End, so players may get a little stuck trying to get to it. The key lies in opening the safe and utilizing the pause button inside.

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The third ending is A Hollow End. Players will need to do many of the steps from the second ending, with a few key changes.

The End is basically the same as the A Hollow End ending with one key detail changed: when Amanda asks if she can share her secret with the player, make sure to say "yes" all three times. This will trigger The End ending as long as players don't have all five secret tapes.

The final ending in Amanda the Adventurer is The End? Players need to complete all the same steps as The End but have all five secret tapes unlocked. These are found all along the journey to complete the game.

After all five secret videos have been collected, complete the same steps for The End, and it will look a little different this time.

Amanda the Adventurer is available for PC.

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